melodyville swingtet

The Melodyville Swingtet has a splendid style bridging elegance with knock out swinging fun. Our dynamic jazz combos feature infinite combinations from duo to big band. The band exemplifies the cherished music of the Great American Songbook: Porter, Gershwin, Ellington, and favorites from Sinatra, Ella, Nat, Parker, and notables of the era.


Perfect for cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, with a variety of jazz styles including straight-ahead jazz, bebop, standards, bossa nova, blues, swing, and big band. Our musicians are with the upper echelon of NYC jazz bands playing over 40 weddings, cocktail parties, galas, lounges, concerts, festivals, and dances together per year. Female or male vocalist can be added.

Our video features these combinations:
vibraphone, bass, guitar, sax
vibraphone, bass, guitar, sax, drums
vibraphone, bass, guitar, drums
vibraphone, bass, guitar, sax, drums, and piano
guitar, bass, drums
guitar, bass, drums, sax
guitar, bass, sax
piano, guitar, bass
piano, bass, drums
piano, bass, drums, sax
piano, bass, sax
piano, bass

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